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Included in Version 0.1.1:

  • Dedicated Browser Source: We heard your feedback on the dock, and have released a new standalone Browser Source for all redemptions. This new browser source will unify all TTS redemptions, no matter which feature it comes from.
  • Updated UI for TTS: We have redesigned our user interface to make it more intuitive to configure and manage all aspects of TTS. No more navigating to a separate page to configure TTS Everything or chat commands! You can now access all settings and options from a single page, customize your reward colors, and toggle alerts, queue skipping and more!.
  • Unified Search: Searching in the voice browser will now return both categories and specific voices that match your criteria!
  • Added TTS Everything: Deja Vu? This feature was previously released in a testing phase, requiring extra setup and navigation, but no longer. Read all your chat messages with standard TTS voices by flipping a single switch!
  • Added Chat Commands: Another testing feature ready for prime time! Allow users to send TTS messages by prefacing their message with ~tts.
  • Ignore List: Add any users here to disable TTS messages from specific users. Anyone on this list will not have their reward TTS messages, TTS commands, or TTS Everything messages read out; even with all those options enabled!
  • Twitch Extension Added (Soon): We have finalized testing of our Twitch Extension! Add the panel below your stream to allow viewers to send TTS messages with bits! This also allows you to use AI voices, even on our free plan thanks to Twitch’s 80/20 split with developers! Earn more bits and unlock more features for free!
  • Alerts for Redemptions Added: You can now receive alerts whenever someone redeems a reward using their channel points on your channel! Configurable per reward.
  • Dock Bugfixes: We have fixed some bugs and issues related to the OBS dock, as well as routing detection to stop repeat redemption messages if you are using both the Dock and Browser Source.

We will continue working on more updates to make peepo the best tool for your streaming needs. As always, we appreciate any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve further, just drop us a line anytime in our Discord